IBP Academic

Branching education and socializing. Combining theory with real life experience

IBP Academic is a branch within IBP Union that provides real-life education and socializing to IBP students. We do this by organizing a wide range of events, including company visits, case competitions, study trips, debates etc. that all contribute to our knowledge within our academic field. At the same time, the events provide an excellent platform for socializing with other IBP Students across the different years in a non-school context.

IBP Academic is a 100% student-driven organization, meaning that all events are arranged by IBP students for IBP students. A volunteer group of 15-20 people is in charge of arranging our events and maintaining the organization, but everyone is more than welcome to bring ideas to the organization in order for us to improve. We focus our events on either business, politics or a combination of the two, and always strive to turn theory from our lectures into practice.

Academic Events