IBP Communications

Bringing all branches and students together The storyteller behind the Union

IBP Communications is the newest branch of the IBP Union. We work to bring the whole Union together, making sure that every student know of every Union event. We make sure that we, as a community, get to know each other through our social media and the IBP Magazine. We are in charge of all social media, such as Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn where we focus on promoting event, introducing IBP'ers and building our community. Each semester we publish the IBP Magazine, which includes stories and news concerning all IBP events

IBP Communication is a 100% student-driven organization, meaning that all events are arranged by IBP students for IBP students. A volunteer group of 15-20 people is in charge of arranging our events and maintaining the organization, but everyone is more than welcome to bring ideas to the organization in order for us to improve. We focus on social media, photography, the magazine and event promotion.

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