Jyske Bank Market Games

Educating and Engaging Students in the Market

Together with Jyske Bank, IBP Academic host the first ever IBP stock game. Market experts will through a series of events introduce students to financial instruments, how they work, and how to speculate on them.

Students are given access to multiple professional analytic tools, gaining access to crucial information on thousands of companies, as well as rankings of the top instruments by country, sector, or theme.

Furthermore, participants have the opportunity to contact Jyske Bank’s professional investment advisors on a fortnight basis, while using 'Quant', which is a quantitative model developed by Jyske Bank, containing key information and complete analysis of almost 11.000 stocks. The model is developed to assist investors in shaping their investment strategy and minimize risk.

At the end of the games, the group with the biggest return will be presented and rewarded at the annual IBP gala. Make sure to participate in the IBP event of the year.

Click on this link to sign up: https://goo.gl/forms/e8LW3ZCZyu1zGibD2

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Jyske Bank Market Games X IBP Academic