Recurring Events

The Best Friday Bar

Every year we host a range of events for you attend including our very own Friday Bar. Some Fridays throughout the semesters, Eco Bar at Dalgas Have is transformed into a must-be-there-location, where our very special selected Friday Bar bartenders welcomes you with beer, ciders and soft drinks, and most importantly beer bowling, beer pong and dance music! Every Friday Bar has its own theme thought out by the hard-working crew as the aim is to make every Friday Bar special and fun for you to attend!

Fall, Spring and Christmas Dinners

Furthermore, we have our semester start and end parties, Christmas dance, IBP fall and spring dinners, and of course the annual event Gala.

However, IBP Social is a place where the student's ideas for future events count! This has resulted in creative events such as Quiz Night, Game Night and summer BBQs. If you have an idea, a sparkling thought or just some feedback to previous events, please don’t hesitate to contact us as we are always looking to improve, develop and enhance our events to suit the requests of all IBPs.