Assignments for corporate finance

Wall street is the only place where people ride to work in a Rolls Royce to get advice from people who take the subway.

Warren Buffett

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Corporate Finance
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Grade: 10


Submitting to the assignment bank FAQ

1Where do I submit my assignment?
If you have an assignment you wish to submit to the assignment bank, please send it by e-mail to [email protected].
2How do I submit it properly?

Before submitting your assignment, we need you to fill out the following text and include it in the e-mail:

"By submitting this assignment, I give IBP Union consent to show my assignment publicly on their webpage. IBP Union may only display my name, grade, and my assignment and no other personal data. My assignment may be displayed and stored for a maximum of 3 years. However, I reserve the right to withdraw my consent at any given point, and have my assignment removed from the webpage and deleted from IBP Unions database.


3How do I maintain anonymity?

If you wish to stay anonymous with your assignment(s), then please make this clear in the e-mail and we will make sure not to publish your name.

4Do I need to remove personal information?

No matter if you wish to stay anonymous or have your name publicized, we will still require you to remove your student number and any other personal information from the assignment(s) before submitting it.