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Maersk Management Consulting

As the in-house management consultancy of Maersk, our mission is to support Maersk on its journey to become the Global Integrator of Container Logistics. We do this by developing cutting-edge strategies, executing industry-defining transformation programmes and supporting the growth of exceptional people to become future leaders in Maersk. 


Simon-Kucher & Partners

Simon-Kucher was founded in Germany in 1985 as a university spinoff by Prof Dr Hermann Simon, Dr Eckhard Kucher, and Dr Karl-Heinz Sebastian. Today, Simon-Kucher is a fast-growing global consultancy with over 2,000 people operating in 30+ countries – born from being the world’s leading pricing and growth specialist, Simon-Kucher is today unlocking better growth that’s long-term and sustainable, founded on what customers want and value and will pay a fair price for.


CA A-Kasse

CA A-Kasse is Denmark’s best-reviewed career partner and unemployment insurance fund serving students across the country and studylines. As a champion of career development and security, CA stays ahead of business trends, providing courses and events to keep its members competitive in the ever-evolving job market. With a commitment to high member satisfaction, they offer finely-tuned advice and professional development opportunities to assist at all stages of your career.